How to Become Better at Decision-Making


Decisiveness is one of the desirable traits of good leaders. And leader or not, decision-making is part of everyday life. While some decisions are fairly easy to make, some may take some time and a lot of thinking given the possible implications and outcomes. Spending too much time thinking about it, however, may sometimes be paralyzing. And worse, it may even lead to missed opportunities. If you want to become more decisive, here are some of the things you can do for better decision-making.

Create mind maps. Mind mapping allows you to capture thoughts and ideas in a more visual manner. This helps you take a better look at your options and pick the best possible answer or solution to whatever it is that you need to decide on.

Weigh your options. Decisiveness is not about making thoughtless or arbitrary decisions. Take the time to study your options and weight the advantages and disadvantages. Consider the potential results for each decision you need to make.

Be informed. Making decision is easier when you are armed with the right and relevant information. Find out as much as you can to get a broader perspective.

Don’t delay. There is a time for thinking and a time for making that decision. Ready or not, you have to pick the best solution for you. Spending too much time thinking about possible choices can get you stuck. Sometimes you have to take a calculated risk and make decisions that may not always guarantee the results you want.

Follow-through. Making a decision is only the beginning. You have to follow it with the actions needed to accomplish your goal. Make the most of whatever opportunities you find. If not, find ways to make sure that you get it done.

Keep track and evaluate. Evaluating the results of your decisions can help you glean important lessons that could prove useful in the long run. Assess what works and what improvements you may need to make to come up with better decisions in the future.