7 Things People Hate about Politics and Bad Politicians

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Politics and politicians can either be great sources of inspiration or frustration. You only have to observe what your local or national leaders do to mine important lessons on the do’s and dont’s of leadership. While there are still good public leaders, there are also bad politicians that many people hate. And here are just some of the many reasons why.

1. Making too many promises that they cannot keep. Some politicians are quick to make big promises just to get people’s vote. And yet many fail to deliver and often end their stint in public office without getting half of what they promised done.

2. Lack of expertise or relevant experience. Many public leaders in different tiers of the government do not have the right qualifications for the job. Some are incompetent or ill-equipped to handle the work.

3. Political rhetoric over good governance. Bad politicians are more focused on making political rhetoric than good governance – a trait that does not inspire trust and confidence among their followers.

4. Inability to rise above political squabbles and bickering. Many politicians spend more time in office caught in political bickering.

5. Partisan politics. Many politicians allow partisan politics to prevail. Some even show a disturbing display of blind loyalty to their respective parties in expense of the common good.

6. Polarizing. Some of the worst leaders take a polarizing instead of a unifying stance. They say and do things that fuel divisiveness and strife. Some even seem to deliberately fan the flames of discord among different groups or factions for whatever political agenda they have.

7. Throwing people under the bus. Some public leaders have shown no qualms in throwing people under the bus if they have more to gain from it. This creates an environment of fear and distrust among followers who may feel vulnerable.