Change & Growth

Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Do It


Whether leading a small town or a country, a leader often has to deal with change and the challenges as well as the opportunities it brings. Some step up to the challenge while others flounder. So what does it take to lead organizations and people through change? Here are some of the things that leaders who succeed at it do.

Visionary leadership
Great leaders have a clear vision of what the change would mean. They are able to visualize how it will impact, shape, and create a better future.

Communicate the vision clearly
Clarity of vision and purpose is not something that only leaders should possess. It should also be clearly communicated to everyone in the organization or group.

Will to follow-through
Even the best plans are meaningless without follow-through. Leaders who succeed have a strong will to lead through the process regardless of the resistance they may face.

Inspire, engage, and empower
Great leaders inspire people to take action that support the vision. They build engagement and empower followers to take part in the change process.